My Heart Around You

There she was again. The angel with amber eyes. Her dark hair fell in curls around her face. She always chewed her bottom lip every time I saw her but then again, the only times I’ve seen her was at the campus library, sitting at the same table, writing in that same notebook, lost in different thought.

I first saw her in the beginning of the semester. She was wearing a blue dress and listening to her iPod too loud. I wanted to hear the song that blasted through her earbuds. I circled among the shelves, listening through the cracks in the books.

The days grew colder and I continued to circle around the stacks, learning more and more about her. She continued to wear blue. Sweaters. Scarves. A blue saddle bag. I could never figure out what she listened to her but I finally learned her name. Kara.

Kara filled my dreams. Her cerulean presence filled my thoughts with its soft glow. I could hear nothing but the tinny sound from her earphones with each of my steps. I dreamed that she she wrote about me in that notebook of hers. Doodling my face on its lined pages. She had to know that my heart was wrapped around her.

I left the library one cold February evening. It was a day meant for lovers and the hour called for depressing music in my Walkman. I sat at the stop, waiting for the bus when Kara asked if the seat next to me was available. She looked at me with those tortoiseshell eyes and smiled. “That song you’re listening to is amazing. I’ve been obsessed with that one for months.”


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