Something You Should Know

I’m really sorry for the text message I sent you last night. I was at the bar with some friends, getting drunk and of course, thinking about you. I’m utterly embarrassed for doing that- texting you, not about thinking about you and I do apologize; not only for that but the previous ones I sent you. I’ve been really foolish, especially over these last few months, and I hope that you just think that I’m a crazy person who won’t leave you alone.

I really don’t know why I’m writing this. To apologize again. To reach out. Maybe it’s just me trying to finally move on (I do hope you’re seeing someone wonderful and delete my text messages right upon arrival). I meet men who have your attributes (those lips and eyes) or do other little things (like talking about Hemingway and Stein with my roommates) and I simply think about you. All our fun times and talks. Perhaps I’m just living in the past, still. I know that we ended a long time ago but I did wish- and still do- the absolute best for you.

I deleted your phone number from my cell so you will receive no more mental texts or calls from me (this goes for emails as well). I’m sure you’re busy with your friends and school since it’s starting back up again soon. I do sincerely hope that you’re happy and loving life.

Best wishes.


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