“I LOVE RENO” -Short One

Gambling- I (Short One)

Written by Katherine Devereaux and Andrea L. Tyrell

-Elderly woman
-Casino extras (approx. ???)

-Woman’s home
-Roads to casino
-Casino parking garage
-Casino floor (with several slot machines)

Scene 1:

<Inside the old woman’s house, in the late evening>

<The sun is going down and sunbeams are shinning through the curtains of an old woman’s bed room. The viewer sees the elderly woman wearing a slip and sheer stocking, in front of her vanity, looking at herself in the mirror. She puts powder on her face, along with eye make-up (mascara, shadow and liner), blush and lipstick. She muses with her hair, teasing the front and shaping it nicely before spritzing her hair set with hair spray from an aerosol can. She puts on her sweater over her turtleneck, her skirt over her slip and her low-heeled shoes over her stockings. After putting on a pair of dangly chandelier earrings, the woman looks at herself in the mirror and smiles slightly. She knows that she looks good. And she is ready to go out tonight. The woman picks up her car keys and her purse and walks out the front of her home to her car outside in the driveway.>

Scene 2:

<It is near dark outside and the woman in driving to the unknowing destination.>

Scene 3:

<The woman parks her car in a nearly empty parking lot adjacent from the casino. She walks away from her car.>.

Scene 4:

<The old woman walks under the ‘Reno: The Biggest Little City in the World’ sign (on N. Virginia Street) towards the casino. The shot cuts to black and the title screen appears – ‘I Reno.’

Scene 5:

<Inside the casino, on the casino floor>

The woman is gambling at the casino. She is sitting at the slot machines, with a bucket of quarters in her lap. She sticks some coins into the machine’s slot and pulls the machine’s lever. Shot after shot, she puts in coins and pulls the lever. Finally, the noise of a payout is heard and coins spill into the release bin. The woman smiles a large and happy smile. She pats the machine as if she is telling it ‘good job’ and she puts another coin in the machine and pulls the lever. The camera pulls away from the woman, as she sticks more coins into the machine.>

<The end— of short one. (For now…)>

<To break apart ‘short one’ and ‘short two,’ a time lapse of the sky- moving from night to early afternoon- is used.>


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