“I LOVE RENO” -Short Six

Brothers and Sisters (Short Six)

Written by Andrea L. Tyrell

-Felix Jimenez (the eldest Jimenez child)
-Gloria Jimenez (the middle Jimenez child)
-Marco Jimenez (the youngest Jimenez child) —- (from Art, Meet Love)
-Hospital extras (doctors, nurses, patients roaming through the halls and though out the waiting room)
-Doctor Allyson March

-Hospital waiting room (along with nurses’ station and hallways)

Scene 1:

<It is very late at night, about three in the morning>

<Maria Jimenez- the mother of Felix, Gloria and Marco Jimenez- was driving home from Felix’s engagement party when she had a heart attack thus resulting in a car accident.  Doctor Allyson March is on the hospital phone, calling Felix with news of his mother. As she speaks into the phone, we can only see her lips move.>

Doctor March: Hello? Is this Mr. Jimenez? (Pause) Okay. Mr. Jimenez, this Doctor March over at Renown Medical Center. Do you know a Ms. Maria Jimenez? (Pause) I’m sorry, but she has been an accident. (Pause) No. (Pause) I believe it would be best if you came down. (Pause) Of course. (Pause) On the second floor. (Pause) Okay. Bye-bye.

<Doctor March hangs up the phone with a loud click.>

Scene 2:

<Felix is running through the hospital halls to the front desk. He asked the nurse-on0staff for Doctor March and she is paged. The nurse tells him to take a seat and it sits. As e waits, Felix starts to cry and runs his hands through his hair before placing his head in his hands. Doctor March walks up to him and takes a seat next to him.>

Doctor March: Mr. Jimenez?

<Felix looks up, with a tears streaming down his face.>

Felix Jimenez: Yeah? Are you Doctor March?

<The doctor nods.>

Doctor March (with remorse in her voice): Your mother is in critical condition. Her heart attack wasn’t too severe; however, when she was in the accident, she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt.

Felix Jimenez: What?! She always wears her seatbelt.

Doctor March: Both the police and paramedics on the scene say that she might have been drinking.

<Felix sighs and leans back in his chair.>

Felix: She was at my engagement party and, I don’t know what she drank or how much. God, she never drives when she’s drunk. Goddamnit. Is she going to die?

Doctor March: She was bleeding badly internally. We were able to stop it but she lost a significant amount of blood.

<Felix sighs and leans back into his chair.>

Felix: I have to call my sister.

Doctor March: Yes, please do. I’ll be at the nurse’s station if you need me.

<Doctor March gets up out of her seat and walks away. Felix pulls his cell phone out of the back pocket of his pants and speed dials his sister, Gloria.>

Felix: Gloria, es Felix. Mami estuvo en un accidente. (Subtitles: Gloria, it’s Felix. Mom was in an accident.)

Scene 3:

<Gloria is running down the hospital corridors. She reaches her brother, Felix, out of breath.)

Gloria: Qué sucedió? ¿Dónde está Mami? (Subtitles: Where happened? Where is she?)

<Felix notions to Gloria to take a seat next to him. She seat next to him and he takes her hand.>

Felix: Glori, Mami estuvo en un accidente tráfico, sobre en McCarran. El doctor dice que ella no llevaba su cinturón de seguridad. (Subtitles: Glori, Mom was in a car accident, over on McCarran.  The doctor says she wasn’t wearing her seat belt.)

<Gloria’s eyes swell up with tears and she shakes her head.>

Gloria: ¿Dónde está ella? ¿La podemos ver nosotros? ¿Está ella en este piso? (Subtitles: Where is she? Can we see her? Is she on this floor?)

Felix: No, ella es todavía en la sala de operaciones. El doctor dijo que ella perdía mucha sangre y que ella tiene líquido en los pulmones. (Subtitles: No, she’s still in the operating room.  The doctor said that she lost a lot of blood and that she has liquid in her lungs.)

Gloria (though her tears): Necesitamos para llamar Marco. (Subtitles: We need to call Marco.)

Felix: No llamamos Marco. El no cuida. (Subtitles: We’re not calling Marco. He doesn’t care.)

Gloria: El es el favorito de mamá. (Subtitles: He is mom’s favorite.)

<Despite crying, Felix is getting angry with his sister’s remarks.>

Felix (angrily): ¡Yo no cuido! Marco está muerto a mí, así muerto a la Mamá. ¡Tu no comprendes! (Subtitles: I don’t care! Marco is dead to me as well dead to Mom! You don’t understand!)

Gloria: Sí, hago. Y la mamá hace, también. (Pause.) Necesito para conseguir algo beber. (Subtitles: Yes, I do.  And Mom does, too. I need to get something to drink.)

<Gloria gets up out and walks to the vending machine down the hall Felix watches his sister walk away and he sighs again. He pulls his cell phone out of his pocket once more and scrolls down to his little brother’s contact information. He rolls his thumb over the green “CALL” button but he cannot bring himself to call his brother. The viewer can see that he obviously has animosity towards his brother but he truly cares about his sister and his mother- he is torn as being the big brother and trying to do the right thing while protecting his family from his estranged brother. In frustration, Felix punches one of the waiting room chairs and begins to cry again.>

Scene 4:

<It is early morning>

<The sunshine is streaming through the windows and the Jimenez siblings are still waiting in the hospital waiting room, waiting to her news about their mother. Gloria is sleeping with her head resting on Felix’s shoulder and a hand wrapped around an empty Styrofoam coffee cup. Felix is reading a magazine when he looks up when his name is called.>

Marco (in a slight whisper): Felix?

<Marco walks closer to his siblings. Gloria doesn’t stir as Felix straightens his shoulders up as he is trying to appear to look bigger in comparison to his little brother.>

Marco: Is she sleeping?

Felix (in a hushed tone of voice): Yeah.

<Felix looks at his sleeping little sister and takes the cup out of her hand.>

Marco (trying to make a joke): It looks like she’s out.

Felix: I only called you because of her, you know that right?

<Marco nods.>

Marco:  I appreciate it.

<Marco sits down a few seats away from Gloria, trying not to disturb her, but Felix nudges his sister and wakes her up anyway.>

Felix: Glori.

<Gloria wakes up and stretches. She sees Marco and reaches out to hug and hold him. They embrace for a while before she starts to speak.>

Gloria: ¿Dónde has sides tu? Ti eres tan flaco. (Subtitles: Where have you been? You are so skinny.)

Marco: I’ve been around.

<Gloria looks at Felix and sighs.>

Gloria: Oh. (Pause) Where the bathroom?

Marco: I think just around the corner.

<Gloria gets up to leave for the rest room. She gives her brother a sad smile and pats tenderly on the cheek as she walks past, as if she says, “I have missed you.” Marco watches his sister walk down the hall and turns to look at his brother. Silence falls between them before Marco speaks.>

Marco: Wasn’t your engagement party last night?

<Felix looks at the wall, refusing to look at his brother. He doesn’t respond. Marco looks at his brother, waiting for his response and when he doesn’t get one, he tries again.>

Marco: When are you and Yolanda getting married?

<Once again, there is no response from Felix, who is still staring at the wall.>

Marco (angrily): Aren’t you going to talking to me? Fucking say something!

<Felix punches the chair he is sitting next to and throws himself. He is fuming mad.>

Felix: No! I don’t want to talk to you! ¡Yo le odio! ¡Yo joder le odia! (Subtitles: I hate you! I fucking hate you!)

<Some people peer over of the nurses stations’ desk at the commotion Felix is creating.>

Felix: ¡Tu arruinós la vida de mamá! ¡Tu arruinós la vida de Gloria! ¡Tu arruinós mi vida! ¡Tu joder nos dejó! ¡Cuándo ellos le necesitaron! ¡Cuándo yo le necesité! (Subtitles: You ruined mom’s life! You ruined Gloria’s life! You ruined my life! You fucking left us! When they needed you! When I needed you!)

(Marco’s reaction to Felix’s words is depressing. He looks like he is about to cry. Felix is starting to tear up himself.)

Marco (wiping a tear from his eye): Lo siento mucho. (Subtitles: I’m really sorry.)

<Felix sits back on the chair, leaving a space between him and Marco. Felix wipes the tear off his face and puts his head in his hands. The viewer sees Gloria make her way back from the restroom, walking down the hall.>

Marco (in a whisper): Dejé porque Pa me preguntó. (Subtitles: I left because Dad asked me to.)

Feliz lifts his head from his hands and looks at Marco.>

Marco: What?

<Gloria approaches her brothers and notices their red eyes. She becomes concerned.>

Gloria: ¿Qué sucedió?(Subtitles: What happened?)

<Marco shakes his head.>

Marco: Nothing.

<Gloria sits in the chair in between her brothers and sighs.>

Gloria: Te quiero ambos, pero tu dos actúan como tal assholes en este momento. Tu necesitas para estar pensando de Mami en este momento, (Subtitles: I love you both, but you two are acting like such assholes right now. You need to be thinking about Mommy right now.)

Marco: I’m sorry.

<Marco leans and rests his head on Gloria’s shoulder. Felix looks at his brother and sister and puts his arm around Gloria’s shoulder.

Felix: Me too.

<The scene fades into black.>

Scene 5:

<The Jimenez siblings are still sitting in the waiting area. Felix and Gloria are sleeping with Gloria’s head resting on Felix’s shoulder and Felix’s head rests on Gloria’s head. Marco is texting on his phone. Doctor March approaches them, carrying a thick manila folder.>

Doctor March: Mr. Jimenez?

<Marco perks up his eyebrows, but Felix overhears and answers. He and Gloria wake up and look at Doctor March with intense eyes.>

Felix: Yes?

<Doctor March hands Felix the folder.>

Doctor March: I’m very sorry, but your mother passed away in recovery.

(Felix’s facial expression is panicked. Gloria brings her hand to her mouth and brings to cry. Marco t

Felix (in an angry tone): What? Why? What’s happened?

Doctor March: I am so very sorry, but her body didn’t respond well to the surgery. This is quite common, especially with women her age.

<The Jimenez siblings look up at Doctor March with pleading, wet eyes, searching for answers.>

Doctor March: I’ll give you a couple of minutes, okay? If you need me, please tell the nurses’ station to page me.

<Doctor March walks away towards the nurse’ station. The Jimenez brothers wrap their arms around Gloria, who is bawling, and Felix and Marco begin to cry as the camera pans away from the three of them.>


<The end— of short six.>


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