“I LOVE RENO” -Short Three

Loving Me (Short Three)

Written by Andrea L. Tyrell

-Blonde girl
-Friends (approx. 6)

-University of Nevada, Reno campus
-Bar facing the Truckee River
-Shallow spot on the Truckee River
-Brightly lit parking lot

Scene 1:

<Early in the afternoon>

<College female (Dawn) is walking to class on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno when she sees boy (Jake). Jake is handsome, with stereotypical good looks of the modern college male- tall, good and strong facial features, wears nice and expensive-looking clothes, etc. Dawn has liked Jake for quite sometime, but Jake doesn’t notice Dawn. Dawn wouldn’t be considered stereotypically beautiful; she is quite plain and homely, wearing an old plain shirt, loose jeans and wears her hair back in a ponytail. Her looks have made her quite shy and unconfident.

They are walking to the same building, a brick building with double doors. Dawn following behind Jake at a little distance when an attractive blonde runs up to Jake. The blonde is stereotypically beautiful, with a curvy body, long hair and she is wearing skimpy clothes- a shirt that shows a lot of cleavage and a short skirt. The blonde and Jake hug outside of the building and enter the building, Jake holding the door open for the blonde and not for Dawn, leaving the door to slam in her face.>

Scene 2:

<Later that evening>

<Dawn is standing in front of the mirror in her bedroom at her house. She is getting ready to go out with friends at one of the local bars. She peers into the mirror and pinches at her cheeks, indicating that they appear too chubby. Dawn continues to stare at her face, inspecting every pimple and freckle and line. She changes her shirt several times, shaking her head at herself each time she stands in front of the mirror, disagreeing with her choice in shirts. She finally takes up her shirt and stands in front of the mirror in her bra, pinching the skin on her hips and upper torso and pushing her breasts together to make the illusion of them appearing bigger. She becomes frustrated with the way she looks and becomes upset. She walks away from her mirror and lies down on her bed with her head buried in her pillow. Then, her cell phone rings. Dawn reached to her nightstand and checks to see that one of her friends sent her a text message. Dawn lifts herself up off her bed and wipes her face free from tears and prepares to get dressed.>

Scene 3:

<Later that night>

<Dawn walks into the bar. In this scene, the shot displays the Tap House entrance and the river it faces Dawn looks depressed and sad as she enter the bar and looks for her friends. She didn’t want to go out but her friends begged her to.>

Scene 4:

<Later that night>

<Dawn sits at the bar with her friends, sipping a glass of red wine. Her friends are very chatting, telling funny stories among themselves and laughing loudly. Dawn remains quite and continues to sip her wine. Her friend, Sarah, sitting next to her nudges her with her elbow and questions what’s wrong.>

Sarah: You’re so quiet tonight. Are you okay?

Dawn shakes her head, referring that she’s okay.

Dawn: Yeah, I’m just kind of tired.

<Dawn gives Sarah a small smile, giving the notion that she’s all right. Dawn takes a sip of her wine and sighs, turning her head to stare out the window towards the river. Sarah turns back to the rest of their friends sitting with them at the table.>

Scene 5:

<Late night, after the bar closes>

<Dawn is lingering near the bar, along the edge of river, peering over the side rail at the river below. She notices her friends, who are walking towards a shallow area of the river, getting ready to swim. They are stripping off their clothes, leaving only underwear on and diving into the water. Dawn chuckles at their free-loving antics and finds a seat on a bench for moment to watch. She notices Sarah and how thin she looks, standing in her underwear. Dawn bites her lip and wraps her sweater together around her torso. She sighs and picks herself off the bench, ready to leave. She turns to walk away as one of her male friend, Chris, calls out to her.>

Chris: “Dawn! Come on!

Dawn turns to the sound of Chris’s voice, turns around and waves.

Dawn: I’m going home. I’m tired.

Chris calls back and walks out of the water onto the rocky beach.

Chris: Dawn! You never hang out with us? Come on please?

<Dawn looks at her friends slashing and playing in the water. She wants to, but she doesn’t want to take off her clothes.>

Dawn: I really need to get home. I’m sorry!

<Chris shrugs his shoulders and jumps back in the water. Dawn watches him and at that moment, makes up her mind. She quickly walks over to the beach, slips her purse off her shoulder, and pulls off her shoes and strips down to her underwear. She pulls her hair back into a ponytail and dives into the water, joining her friends who are still playing and laughing. Her friends cheer for her as they see Dawn swimming towards them. When she reaches them, Dawn and her friends began to splash each other and have fun.>

Scene 6:

<Later that night, after playing in the river>

<Chris has walked Dawn to her car. Their hair is dripping with river water and they are slightly shivering despite dressing back in their clothes. As the walk towards Dawn’s car, they are laughing about a random story. They reach Dawn’s car and she pulls her sweater tighter around her torso.>

Dawn: Thanks for walking to my car.

Chris shrugs and smiles slightly.

Chris: Yeah, no problem. I just want to make sure you’re safe.

Dawn starts to fish her car keys out of her purse.

Dawn: Okay. I’ll see you later.

Chris: Can’t I get a hug first?

<Dawn smiles and stops looking for her car keys. She steps closer to Chris and they wrap their arms around each other. Dawn enjoys the warmth of Chris’s body and isn’t surprised when Chris tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear and whispers it in.>

Chris: You’re beautiful.

<Dawn is taking back when she hears these words. She drops her arms and stops embracing Chris. She steps back, looks at Chris in his eyes and slightly smiles. Chris smiles back and waves ‘goodbye.” Dawn fumbles around in her purse and finds her car keys. She opens the car door, puts the keys in the ignition, turns on the radio and drives away, smiling.>

Scene 7:

<The next day, in the early afternoon>

<Dawn is walking to class, to the brick building where we first introduced her. She sees Jake, who is also walking to the same building. Dawn is a few steps ahead of Jake. Dawn looks at Jake, who smiles back at her as if he was trying to impress her with his charm and good looks. They both approach the double doors and Jake grabs the knob and holds it open for Dawn. Dawn gives Jake a weird look and opens the other door, letting herself into the building. Jake stands in the doorway, still holding the door open, looking confused about what just happened.>

<The end— of short three.>


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