“I LOVE RENO” -Short Two

My Brand New Bike (Short Two)

Written by Andrea L. Tyrell

-Bicycle shopkeeper
-Nick —- (from Art, Meet Love)
-Group of teenage girls (approx. 3)
-Coffee shop extras

-downtown coffee shop
-sidewalk and street outside the coffee shop
-bicycle shop
-outside of David’s house

Scene 1:

<At a downtown coffee shop during a sunny afternoon>

<A late 20- something man (David) is drinking a cup of coffee near the window of the coffee shop. He is reading over the daily headlines of a newspaper and looks up when something catches his eye. What catches his eye is a beautiful woman (Edie) riding her bike down the street. Her long hair is blowing in he wind and she looks cool and confident as she pedals by. The man stares at the woman and as he watches, he spills his coffee down his shirt, burning his chest and hand. He jumps up and grabs a napkin to clean his mess and himself up. He looks around him to see if anyone is watching him; people are. A group of teenage girls are softly giggling at him, sitting at a table next to him.>

Scene 2:

<The next day, during the evening time>

<David is walking to his car, which is parked near the coffee chip he was at yesterday. He fishes for his car keys in the pocket of his pants. Then, he sees Edie riding towards him on her bicycle. He freezes with his mouth gapping open and stares at her. As she rides by, she smiles at him and honks the horn on her handlebars. He drops his briefcase. As Edie turns her head back to focus on the road, David smiles big. It seems like he has fallen in love with bicycle-ridding Edie.>

Scene 3:

<It is the morning after the previous day and takes place outside of a bike shop>

<David walks into a bicycling shop.  The shopkeeper behind the counter gives David a warm and friendly smile and walks over to David.>

Shopkeeper: Hey man. How can I help you?

<David replies in a nervous tone.>

David: I need to buy a bike.

<The shopkeeper steps from behind the counter and approaches David.>

Shopkeeper: What kind of bike are you looking for?

David: Um, I don’t know… Just a bike…?

<The shopkeeper notices the nervousness in David’s voice. He smiles at David hopefully that his friendliness will release his customer’s tension.>

Shopkeeper: Okay. This is what we have.

<The shopkeeper points out the different bicycles hanging on each rack and explains the difference between a road bike and a mountain bike as the scene fades out.>

Scene 4:

<Outside of David’s house, later that day>

<David walks out of his house, wearing very tight and very short bicycling shorts, a helmet and knee and elbow pads. He approaches his new bike nervously and gets on it, hoping to get a feel for it, but he promptly falls off. After another try, he is soon riding his bike, pedaling slowly before crashing into a couple a trash cans lined up on the curb. Next, he crashes into a bush. The sun starts to set as we see David progressing getting better and better as he continues riding his bicycle. He finally overcomes his fear and is riding better and better with each passing moment. A smile comes across- HE KNOWS HOW TO RIDE A BIKE (!!!) David throws up his arms up in excitement and then, he loses control of his bicycle and crashes into a parked car.>

Scene 5:

<A few days later>

<David is drinking coffee at the coffee shop with his friend, Nick (from “Art; Meet Love”). They are talking about David’s bicycling adventures and about Edie while David is showing off his bruises and bandages.

Nick (motioning towards David’s bandages): They aren’t that bad.

David: Yeah, they are. Fuck, this was such a stupid idea.

Nick: Why don’t you just talk to her?

David: I don’t know. I mean, she is totally out of my league. I…

<Right, at that moment, Edie walks into the coffee shop. She walks to the counter, smiles at the barista and orders a bagel. Nick notices his silent friend staring at the strange girl (Edie) who just walked in.>

Nick: Is that her?

<David nods silently and sips from his coffee mug.>

Nick: She’s cute.

David: I know.

Nick: Really cute.

David: I know.

<Edie walks to the entrance door, waving goodbye to the barista, carrying a paper bag with her bagel inside. She notices that David and Nick are staring at her. She grins at the two men before walking out of the door to her bike locked outside against a street lamp. Back inside the coffee shop, Nick leans into whisper to David with a sly grin on his face.>

Nick: Dude, she is totally worth the bruises.

<David takes another sip from his coffee mug and grins.>

Scene 6:

<A few days later, in the late afternoon.>

< The sun is setting and the sky is a dusty pink.>

<David is leaving work. Instead of driving to work, he now rides his bicycle. He puts on his thick black helmet and his elbow and knee pads. He hops on his bike and he starts to pedal down the street. He is riding down the street when he sees Edie riding her bike towards on the opposite side of the street. David has a panicked looks on her face, but starts to pedal faster towards Edie. As David and Edie inch closer and closer, David’s pants get stuck in the gears of his bicycle, causing David to stop pedaling. The bicycle starts to weave, swaying back and forth, this way and that way, finally causing the bike to hit the curb and David to fly over his handlebars onto the pavement. He lands in a heap. Edie witnesses David’s accident. She gets off her bike, throws it to the ground and runs over to him. She kneels over his crumpled body and has a worried look on her face.>

Edie: Are you okay?

<David slowly starts to pick himself off the ground when he looks up at the person helping him.>

David: I’m fine, thank…

<He sees Edie with a worried look her face and stops talking abruptly. She looks so beautiful, even when worried. Edie’s worried frown melts into a smile.>

Edie: I’m Edie.

<Edie extends her hand to shake his. They shake hands, but don’t let go. David starts to smile.>

David: David.

<Edie helps David up his feet as the camera slowly pans away, fading into black. The two characters are still smiling.>


<The end— of short two.>


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